Harmful Acts After Taking Meals


Don not Smoke:

Experts have found that smoking a cigarette after meals is equal to ten cigarettes at one point of time that increases chances of cancer.

Do not Eat Fruits immediately

Chances are high that your stomach will be bloated with air after immediate eating of fruits. Experts suggests to wait for one or two hours to eat fruits.

Do not Drink Tea

Tea leaves contains high contents of acid and therefore protein content in the food will be hundred and will make it very difficult to digest.

Avoid loosening waist belt

This will increase the chances of intestine twisting and can block it therefore avoid loosening belt after meals.

Don not Bath

After taking meal, blood circulation increases around stomach that is required for proper food digestion and conversion into energy. But when we take bath after meal, the blood circulation de-focused from stomach and shifts to hands, legs and other muscles of the body. This destroys digestion process.

Avoid Sleep after meals

Food intake will not be digested properly and therefore gastric intestinal infection chances will increase

These information are shared for awareness purpose only, for expert opinion consult your doctor.


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